DRM Protection

Your sensitive strings can be at risk if some malicious user wants to steal them by performing static or dynamic analysis of your file. With the DRM Protection, NETGuard.IO will encrypt your strings with a strong Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm, and the decoding key will be stored safely on our servers. 🚀 When launched, your obfuscated file will download the decoding key on our server's endpoint. The endpoint logs IP addresses of people that access it, this will allow us to offer you a white-list option in the near future 🍀

Due to the nature of the protection, your file will always need internet access once DRM Protection is applied.

Also if our servers goes down, even temporarily, your file will not be able to run properly (we use a DDOS-protected hosting service to prevent that).

Features :
This protection needs your file to access the internet to run properly.
This protection logs IPs of whoever access your file, and prevents known hackers from doing anything harmful to your code.
This protection serves an anti-cracking purpose.
This protection's strength increases when selected with MSIL Code Encryption and Constants Protection
Sensitive string-based data is no longer inside your file

Code Example :

private void ignoreCaseButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {

MessageBox.Show(Koi.getKarp("HoPnc8iEHXZiG4yAYv7ub7E/irj4JucpI/NNYV5zC52B4wsVsWx6897F7ZJZ2oVyXQXHp5Htu6GlX7MVQSuASYDzz3lnmbTIGhwnDLieOb28DRnRawMJYpGNn1yaliGt3QMoXT6OFUUbu3DfnmTaDA=="), Koi.getKarp("aKNq8EST20T9rgy4gnKECEKIO7HsEgJbn6BAXN69ZBM="), MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Asterisk);

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